Bound To Lose Destined To Win, is an Inspiring, Uplifting book of freedom, Which Almighty God delivered Earthquake Kelley, from voodoo and sorcery. It’s an enlightening book on how Almighty God allowed him, to experience death twice. Age 15 he died from an overdose of drugs, and went to hell. 2004 he died from a brain aneurysm a documented account, of his death, which he saw Paradise.

Curtis P..”Earthquake” Kelley is a well known former heavyweight boxer, and Pastor of Bridge Of Deliverance Church, located in Littlerock, California He’s on assignment from God; to let the world know that heaven and hell are real places. Also that there is freedom from the demonic slavery of sin, which so many are in entangled. Some lacking knowledge of what Jesus {God’s son} did on the cross for them, others rejecting his escape plan of victory, and peace for their lives. Earthquake Kelley makes it quite plain in this book that although negative life experiences of past mistakes and failures holds some down, and the circumstances seem bleak. there is no way out and the enemy/satan whispers in your ear. Earthquake speaks loud and clear that maybe you were bound to lose….but with God on your side YOU”RE Destined To Win!

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Now a Bishop, Earthquake Kelley played Reverend Lewis in the movie The Frontier Boys.