Is There Life After Death? Discover Incredible True Stories From Those Who Have Seen The Afterlife And Returned!

The Reality of the Afterlife

Is there really an Afterlife? There is one question that every person on this earth has asked. rich, poor, young or old, healthy or sick, tall short, fat or skinny, every culture, every belief system, every religion, and that is "What will happen to me when i die?"

Every year millions of North Americans have a close call with death. These are referred to as near death experiences. Most people dont want to talk about it out of fear that they will be rediculed or called crazy. They are confused or embarrased about their experience and so they usually just keep it to themselves. This is unfortunate because if they were told or allowed to come back there must have been a.reason, and its likely that reason is not to keep it quiet, but to share their experience.

I have personally studied over 350 near death experiences, and have had the priveledge of being able to speak to several people who have come back to tell about it. Although this in no means makes me an expert on the subject, I have noticed several patterns that are common to the majority of NDE, which i will share with you throughout this site.

Throughout my research, I have come to a few conclusions that you will not likely not hear on any other NDE website, but i want to share with you my findings and let you decide for yourself what is the truth. Some of my finding have been so shocking and disturbing, that I cannot keep silent about it out of a literal life and death scenario.

I recognize that by the very nature of this content, that I am setting myself up for much controversy, ridicule and backlash. But if I knew something that could impact your destiny in this life ( yes your very dentiny) then would you want me to keep silent about it. I know that if you were in my shoes, you would feel compelled to do the same.

This site is intended to share my findings with you. I will attempt to demystify the mystery of life after death, share stories of people who have come back from the other side of death, and help you prepare for your inevitable end of life journey.

There is a lot of great imformation out there in books, audios, videos and the internet on the subject of Heaven. However i need to warn you not to believe everthing you come across. There are littery thousands of testimonies out there on Heaven and the afterlife, but there are many discrepencies you should also be aware of.

Throughout this site, you will find answers to some of the most challenging questions that people have about the afterlife, such as:

  • Why are some people taken so young
  • Why do bad things happen to good people
  • Do angels really exist
  • What are demons and where do they come from
  • What is Heaven like?
  • Is hell a place for wild parties or is it really anout fire and brimstone
  • What actually happens when someone dies

I don't think you arrived here by chance. There is a reason why you've taken an interest in the afterlife, and if you stick around, I believe you'll get your questions answered as well.

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